Know your Strengths

Know your Strengths

How can an organisation ensure that its IT projects or transformation will be a success? Our most important advice boils down to this: Know Your Strengths. This is just good business advice in general, and it absolutely applies to any significant change projects, IT implementations, transformations, cloud strategies and other business technology projects. 

Knowing your strengths means knowing when to bring in external advice and assistance. Essentially, the better you understand a problem, the easier it is to solve. To various degrees, each organisation undergoing an IT review/renewal needs to resolve how it will manage usage and capacity; how it will manage and control access to applications; how best to approach security and compliance; and how to handle the impact of these changes on the organisation’s processes, people, customers and communications. This is true equally for small IT projects and large, company-wide transformations.

When you’re getting into something that is new, or outside your area of expertise, the truth is you often don’t know what you don’t know. Whether you are moving to cloud or engaging more cloud services, plotting a technology transformation or undergoing business or systems changes, it makes sense to bring in people with in-depth knowledge, background, expertise and – this one is important! – experience to guide your journey and take on your challenges.

You know your business, of course. We know the technology and the vendors and we have senior people with decades of business management and business transformation consulting experience. That’s a formidable team to deliver change management and technology transformation. Together, we ensure the technology choices you make will meet your business needs and objectives. The outcome is faster delivery, reduced costs, best practice and improved reliability.

Taking our own advice, Envisian has assessed its collective strengths and pinpointed our organisation as a consultancy, focussed on the cloud and on transformative business consulting in general. We recognised that, for some years now, we had been adding much more value to our clients than simply reselling product.   We took the logical step to refocus our brand in support of our consultancy direction, without losing the vendor relationships and product knowledge it was built on. We continue to review the latest technologies and vendor offerings to identify those that add value at a time when cloud is becoming more prevalent and to move away from those that either rely on hype or have failed to innovate. This enables us to provide recommendations independent of vendors and products. We use rigorous, objective analysis and workload placement tools so that we can demystify what cloud is for our clients and remain objective in our advice.

On the cloud side, the Envisian team has been working in convergent technologies (that’s a pre cloud term) for at least eight years now and our experts have even longer term experience with the technologies that allow cloud to be what it is today. We work with your business and your technology suppliers, from strategy to design through deployment and implementation, providing independent advice and technology expertise, to complement your internal knowledge and skills.

These are our strengths.