Modernise the Business, Modernise its Technology

As an independent service provider, Envisian was able to give objective advice that saved the organisation time and money and ensured it delivered an effective, fit for purpose modern IT environment within tight deadlines.

The upheaval of relocating a Government agency and its large workforce to a regional centre provided the momentum to implement a whole-of-organisation transformation of the business and its technologies.

Envisian was invited to drive the IT modernisation and to ensure that appropriate decisions were made. More than 1,000 staff would be impacted by the transformation.

Given the challenge of migrating the organisation from its legacy State Department systems and the time constraint (the technology had be ready by the move date) our advice was to employ a standard market solution rather than custom build a new one. From our knowledge and market experience we knew, confidently, that there were proven solutions, which would meet and deliver the organisation’s business objectives – improving communication and collaboration, providing greater mobility and flexibility.  Furthermore, a buy and integrate strategy would be cheaper and faster than greenfield investment, without compromising performance.

However, going to market needed a degree of flexibility in business requirements to ensure the scope of works would not overcomplicate the solutions.  In this case, a compelling event – the promised relocation – enabled us to challenge the business, successfully, to stay within vendor design guidelines.

The key elements of the IT transformation were:

  • Migrate to a new email system
  • Upgrade the Standard Operating Environment (SOE)
  • Introduce Skype for Business and integrate PSTN telephony and Polycom conferencing systems.
  • Refresh staff devices
  • Standardise the backbone wiring to all desks at the new locations
  • Reduce the on-premises datacentre footprint


We brought in technology visionary people with program management experience to guide the IT strategy, design and delivery, including stakeholder engagement.   In tandem, our business readiness and logistics expertise helped prepare staff for the changes and the relocation. We were the bridge between the business and the technology, helping the organisation identify and understand the pain points, build confidence and smooth the path of the roll out.

We helped the organisation achieve a major office relocation and new technology roll-out in one step.  Our timely delivery saw staff pack up and leave their old office on the Friday with just their device and plug into their new environment on the following Monday, seamlessly, to continue business as usual.   We shaved at least six months off the initially proposal to build a bespoke solution and delivered significant savings, measured in $M (commercial-in-confidence).