We Help Define the Change


We bring extensive experience to C-level executives and their teams to ensure technology investments are aligned with business outcomes for maximum ROI. Undertaking the next steps in the evolution of your organisation’s information technology is a big task. So, don’t be reserved about seeking independent insights and objective advice from seasoned professionals. An investment you won’t regret.

The assumptions you make about people, process and costs will be critical to how well Cloud serves your organisation. With this in mind, we have developed tools and templates to help you better understand your Cloud journey, based on your specific objectives and situation.

We look at your business objectives and current operations, your existing toolsets and architecture, and your organisational capacity, processes and people. We evaluate and assess your applications and on-premises infrastructure to identify the pros and cons of Cloud for your business. We set a benchmark to determine where Cloud will work best, and which cloud offerings will best match your needs. Our analysis and independent advice ensure your organisation will be in a position to take full advantage of the power and capability of Cloud.


Before upgrading or transforming your IT systems, we recommend a rigorous review of your current technology. A detailed analysis of your physical and virtualised environments will identify wastage and underutilisation, determine the right sizing for your needs, recommend performance improvements and, where applicable, suggest additional technologies to meet your changing business needs. If your next step is Cloud, we can guide that journey. Find out more: Envisian Health Checks


As your organisation embraces contemporary technologies, you will face decisions about which technology assets and capabilities to retain and which to insource, outsource, onshore, offshore or move to an ‘as a service’ model. Before you engage with vendors, speak to an independent Envisian consultant. From our extensive insights into a wide range of innovations, we’ll help you better understand which new technology will deliver your business requirements. We can help you prepare an RFP/RFQ and independently evaluate vendor responses. It’s cheaper than picking the wrong product.


If you are feeling a little bit uneasy, or hearing rumours that suggest things may not be going so well, it would be prudent to seek an independent perspective. Our consultants are familiar with the pitfalls, the pressures and the conflicts that can undermine the best-planned projects. Should you be worried?  Let’s find out. And if there is a problem, let’s fix it.