Could you be your own Cloud Broker?

Could you be your own Cloud Broker?

When your organisation needs to make a decision about a public cloud provider – whether that be for all your cloud services or on a service-by-service basis – you want to make sure you’re selecting the right platform on which to host your application or workload. Why not retain control and be your own Cloud Broker?

You need to look at things like performance, accessibility, security, support, Service Level Agreements and of course cost.

Many cloud brokerage solutions will give recommendations for optimal solutions based on cost alone. Sure, cost is a factor and cost management is one objective. But ideally you want to look at your entire application portfolio and develop a workload placement plan that takes into consideration your business requirements and objectives, licensing agreements, interdependencies, and hours of operations, for example, before you even start selecting where these applications and workloads should go.

At Envisian, we go one step further.  We believe in educating our customer to become their own Cloud Broker. It can be simple and results in giving you long-term control. We’ll work through your needs, suggest options, and  show you how it is done.   So, unless you really want to outsource everything to a broker and a managed services provider, DIY is a great way to go.

Step 1
Get the advice you need to make the right Cloud services decisions for your business. That’s what we’re here for.

Step 2
Plot out your Cloud roadmap. We can help.

Step 3
Become your own Cloud Broker; keep it in house and maintain governance and control over where your own workloads are going.  We’ll be your guide.