We guide your
Cloud journey

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The assumptions you make about people, process and costs will be critical to how well Cloud serves your organisation. With this in mind, we have developed tools and templates to help you better understand your Cloud journey, based on your specific objectives and situation. Our analysis and independent advice ensures your organisation will be in a position to take full advantage of the power and capability of Cloud.


Going to Cloud

Our optimisation assessment and cost analysis will show you where Cloud might work best in your business. Cloud isn’t just about the technology – it has to be about the business. We look at your existing toolsets and architecture, your organisational processes and people. We set a benchmark to determine where Cloud will work best and which cloud offerings will best match your needs. Based on your unique business requirements and application workloads we guide you to the right Cloud and technology mix – which could be a hybrid Cloud solution.  We provide clear steps through discovery, integration and migration and make sure you have the right tools to control costs and to  manage and monitor your resources in the Cloud.

Keeping Cloud on track

If you are already on your Cloud journey and things are not going to plan, an independent review/perspective will help get you back on track. The three most common issues to watch out for are bill shock, instances/VM sprawl, and stale/unallocated resources.  We understand the major public cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and VMware vCloud.  Our technical expertise will resolve any incompatibilities, dependencies or scalability challenges preventing you from optimising the benefits of Cloud.

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