Optimising an On-Premises Virtual Environment

Envisian’s in-depth knowledge of leading technologies saved our client time and money when a problem arose during a routine upgrade and migration.

Based on our VMware expertise, Envisian had been invited to upgrade a leading university’s vCenter 5.5U2 environment to V6, using the vendor’s best practice. It was during this routine upgrade that our Lead Virtualisation Consultant identified a number of shortcomings with one of the hosts on which the vCenters were installed.

Before we could go ahead with the upgrade procedure, we needed to refresh a production vCenter host.  This can be a cumbersome process.  Typically it can take up to 24 hours to complete.

However, our consultant found a way to complete it in less than four hours, by following a clear step-by-step procedure that anticipated possible issues, and addressing them ahead of time.

Before attempting the upgrade he audited the vCops (vRealize Operations Manager) along with Postgres databases and reviewed numerous vendor knowledge-based articles. The subsequent step-by-step procedure he developed ensured Envisian delivered a quality outcome.

We reduced the migration time to less than 4 hours, which included commissioning and fully testing the V6.0 software.  We were then able to proceed, confidently, with the upgrade

And we’ve been able to share this new found knowledge with other customers and interested parties via our website.

It pays to work with professionals.