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technology challenges

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You want your technology to deliver business value. You want it to drive down total cost of ownership, improve business agility and reduce business risk. We’ll help you meet these goals. Our extensive expertise will ensure you are getting the most out of your investment and staying current with the latest changes in technology.


Technology Review

Before upgrading or transforming your IT systems, we recommend a rigorous review of your current technology. A detailed analysis of your physical and virtualised environments will identify wastage and underutilisation, determine the right sizing for your needs, recommend performance improvements and, where applicable, suggest additional technologies to meet your changing business needs. If your next step is Cloud, we can guide that journey. Find out more: Envisian Health Checks

Expertise on Demand

Even in the best run IT environments, with the best technology solutions, problems can arise that require additional expertise and insights. Our team of highly trained and certified systems engineers and IT architects provide premium advice and delivery, using best practices and standard reference architectures. We are available for long-term or short-term assignments to augment existing activity, solve problems and boost specialist skills. Our experience will increase your capability and reduce costs.

. . . as a Service

We help our clients convert the capital cost of IT hardware ownership to a predictable expense, with a defined outcome. In 2019, Cloud computing is delivering products that are more robust, add continual value as they evolve, are easier to provision and scale, and eliminate regret costs of the 3-5 year refresh cycle. However, we understand this approach is not what IT and accounting departments are used to. Your organisation may find it hard to shift away from the historical IT model of asset ownership, overprovisioning, and dedicated in-house teams. Our detailed needs analysis can help you, in the first instance, better understand the options and address your business concerns.

World Leading Technologies

We understand the fast moving world of technology innovation. We regularly review and assess new ideas and products, technology trends and the latest in IT solutions. We focus on the world’s leading technology vendors including, AWS, Azure, VMware, Cisco, Palo Alto, Microsoft, Veeam and NetApp. We become experts in their respective disciplines while maintaining an independent, open mind to new entrants and possibilities. Find out more about our vendor knowledge.