We bring extensive experience to C-level executives and their teams to ensure technology investments are aligned with business outcomes for maximum ROI. Undertaking the next steps in the evolution of your organisation’s information technology is a big task. So, don’t be reserved about seeking independent insights and objective advice from seasoned professionals. An investment you won’t regret.

Working with your team, we bring an independent perspective to the scope of the challenge and its potential solutions. Our advice is based on rigorous, objective analysis and extensive business and technology expertise. We work with the business, not just the IT department, to identify and advise how new technologies will impact your operations and desired business outcomes.

We help you refine strategy and find effective ways to improve your processes and your technology. Because it’s not just about matching technology to the business process; it’s also knowing where and when to revise the process. We can also assist with the business case and financial analysis. Our experience and customer-centric approach will help your make the right decisions to reduce wastage and boost performance.


When change needs to happen quickly and effectivelyour program/project managers can help you navigate culture, blockers, and legacy structure, processes and systems – any of which can trip up your program. We have a reputation for successfully delivering large scale programs, with budget responsibility >$150m (health insurance, retail, logistics, telecommunications).

Our leadership skills and technology experience will help you progress quickly and smoothly. We form and lead multi-disciplinary teams. We collaborate with all stakeholders, including vendors and other solution providers. We define and meet technical and financial risk profile requirements. We build strong executive relationships and a customer-focussed delivery culture.


One challenge facing many organisations today is integrating agile without compromising accountability and responsibility. We’ve helped numerous organisations with their two-paced transformation development and delivery. We do this well, because our people bring extensive knowledge of a variety of methodologies, including design-centred thinking and the more traditional, linear approaches. We know which works best, and when, in your organisation’s operations. We help establish governance over the delivery to reduce risks, run multiple streams of work, and provide timely release and deployment.


If you are feeling a little bit uneasy, or hearing rumours that suggest things may not be going so well, it would be prudent to seek an independent perspective. Our consultants are familiar with the pitfalls, the pressures and the conflicts that can undermine the best-planned projects. Should you be worried?  Let’s find out. And if there is a problem, let’s fix it.