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Developing Tech for Aged Care? 4 Considerations that Trump Agility

Tech innovation

Significant opportunity awaits those providing technology to the aged care sector. Understandably, there is a strong pull towards agility and speed to market. As part of a recent aged care technology panel, Envisian Consulting Director, David Robinson, discussed important considerations for developers and technology providers to take on board. Considerations that must trump agility. Read more…

Why do so many transformation programs struggle?

An old friend once gave me two pieces of great advice about the management of large transformation programs of work. First of all: don’t eat the elephant all at once. Secondly: Don’t give away the farm.   Read more…

Tech innovation targets Aged Care

tech innovation

Advances in healthcare and connected technologies, funding changes, and increased scrutiny via regulation are exerting significant pressure on the systems, processes and infrastructure of Aged (Residential) Care and Home (Community) Care providers.  Read more…

Battling the Land and Expand Sales Strategy with Transparent Consulting

IT Consulting

Has a consulting company established a beachhead within your organisation? Does it seem the only way to win is to hire even more of their people and buy more of their solutions? How do you tell if you are being up-sold or if their strategies are actually the right ones to win the war?  Read more…

Independence in IT Consulting and Professional Services – is it Disappearing?

IT Consulting

“Agility through acquisition – Australia’s major professional services consultancies have gone on a technology acquisition spree since 2014, snapping up more than 20 companies.” – Brad Howarth, CRN Read more…

Cloud Security and Compliance for Health Start-ups

Cloud Consulting

We look at the pitfalls, challenges and responsibilities for Health Start-ups to consider when developing new applications in the cloud. Read more…

Who’s to blame for Federal Government IT woes?

IT Consulting

Rather than point fingers we take a look at systemic issues in the public and private sector around Accountability vs Responsibility and the role of the external consultant. Read more…

Will Government really work with Small Tech Consultancies?

IT Consulting

We have been watching, with interest, coverage around the ICT Procurement Taskforce, which was launched with the goal of making it “easier and cheaper for ICT businesses to contract with the Australian Government.” One of its stated intentions is to enable smaller technology players to be more involved in bidding for government ICT contracts. Read more…

The Federal Government’s ICT conundrum: digital innovation vs entrenched practices, complicated by politics

IT Consulting

We reflect on two recent industry events targeting the government sector. Digital Disruption In Government 2016 and the Shared Services Summit, both held in the latter half of last year, provide insight into the conundrum facing the Federal Government – and to some degree the States and local authorities – regarding service delivery. Read more…

The VMware and AWS Partnership: A welcome, if short-term, solution

Tech Innovation

There are two ways to look at the VMware and AWS strategic partnership announcement issued in October of this year: at the market level and at the end user level. We are focused on what this partnership could mean for the end users, i.e. our clients. Read more…

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