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Business Intelligence Fundamentals – Data Decisions

delivering IT transformation

The success of any Business Intelligence Program aiming to leverage vast amounts of data depends, amongst other considerations, on the quality and source of the data, and how you go about turning that data into reliable information for your business. Read more…

Business Intelligence Fundamentals – Best practices that bear repeating

delivering IT transformation

Rather than waste time debating the right or wrong way to approach a Business Intelligence program – just keep the start small, focused and simple. Read more…

Assessing Your Need for Specialised or Professional Skills

IT Consulting

Government procurement was worth $47.4 billion in 2016-17 [i]. One of the things a figure such as that buys you in the public sector, is an audit. In a rare case of bipartisanship, both Labor and Coalition MPs support an inquiry by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit into government procurement contracts. What can the private business sector learn from what some would say is our government’s over-reliance on consultants from the big end of town?

Read more…

Pushing the limits of scalability

When a major Australian university had to upgrade its BYOD platform from remote desktop server to cloud instances to meet growing user demand and accessibility, Envisian Cloud expertise showed how the upgrade could be leveraged into a long-term business changing opportunity.  Read more…

Data protection improvements should not be driven by fear

data protection

I’ve just taken a close look at how we collect, store, access and use the private information of our customers, employees and suppliers.  We review regularly, to make sure we are prepared to quickly assess the seriousness of any data breach and take immediate remedial action to minimise any impact to clients or individuals, as well as to our reputation. Read more…

Adjusting for Cloud Bill Shock – on the run

Cloud Consulting

It’s all well and good to say take your time on your cloud journey. Plan, analyse, re-architect all applications then move. But let’s get practical. Here’s what really happens – and how to make reality work for you. Read more…

IT Transformation Project? You need a Communication Expert!

IT Consulting

After 20 years overseeing IT projects, I will attest that one of the most valuable people to have on your side is a Communication person. Overlook this at your peril. Timely internal and external communication can win buy-in, and save you headaches, time and money. Read more…

How Do You Find and Keep Great IT Staff?

IT Consulting

We have been asked, many times: How do you guys find such great people?  I must admit the question comes as a surprise. Doesn’t everyone hire great people?  No doubt they try, but perhaps they don’t always succeed. In our experience, it comes down to three things.   Read more…

Disrupting IT Resourcing and Consulting

IT Consulting

Just when you thought you had IT resourcing sorted, the long-accepted wisdom of working with a few big companies (think: economies of scale, convenience, reputation) is being challenged and disrupted. A move away from traditional labour hiring agencies, technology vendor infiltration and over reliance on consultancies from the big end of town is not surprising. Here’s why. Read more…

Maintaining Momentum when Managing Change

Delivering IT Transformation

On a client engagement some years ago, a change leader guiding a team through a large, complex transformational change said to me: “We’re in the dip. I’m doing everything I should be doing, but how long will it take?” Read more…

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