We help deliver your

Establishing a delivery framework that is effective and sustainable is a challenge. It’s a big task. So don’t be reserved about seeking independent insights and objective advice from seasoned professionals. We bring extensive experience to C-level executive teams and other stakeholders. An investment you won’t regret.  


Aligning the organisation

During critical, significant times of business transformation and technology transition, change needs to happen quickly and effectively. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with seasoned professionals, who can help you navigate culture, blockers, and legacy structure, processes and systems – any of which can trip up your program.  We have a reputation for successfully delivering large scale IT and Business Transformation programs, with budget responsibility >$150m (health insurance, retail, logistics, telecommunications).  Our leadership skills and technology experience will help you progress quickly and smoothly. We form and lead multi-disciplinary teams. We collaborate with all stakeholders, including vendors and other solution providers. We define and meet technical and financial risk profile requirements.  We build strong executive relationships and a customer-focussed delivery culture.

Agility in Strategy and Delivery

One of the biggest challenges facing many organisations today is integrating agile with your existing methodologies across the whole program – from idea to outcome – without compromising accountability and responsibility.  We’ve helped numerous organisations get the best out of their digital strategy through astute assessment and management of  their two-paced transformation development and delivery.  We do this well, because our consultants bring extensive knowledge of a variety of methodologies, including design-centred thinking and the more traditional, linear approaches. We know which works best, and when, in your organisation’s operations. We follow innovation, not trends.

Reshaping the technology  landscape

Bringing in new solutions and applications to meet your organisation’s business and IT needs requires current and specialised knowledge.  Before you engage with vendors, speak to an independent Envisian consultant.  From our  extensive insights into a wide range of innovations, we’ll help you better understand which new technology will deliver your business requirements. It’s cheaper than picking the wrong product.

As your organisation embraces innovative and contemporary technologies, you will face decisions about which technology assets and capabilities to retain and which to insource, outsource, onshore, offshore or move to an ‘as a service’ model. Based on experience in a variety of industries and organisations, our senior advisers will seamlessly help your internal teams  progressively shape your technology operations from what they are today into what they need to be into the future.

Project Review, Remediation, Rescue

If you are feeling a little bit uneasy, or hearing rumours that suggest things may not be going so well, it would be prudent to seek an independent perspective. Our consultants are familiar with the pitfalls, the pressures and the conflicts that can undermine the best-planned projects. Should you be worried?  Let’s find out. And if there is a problem, let’s fix it.

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