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Universities using Envisian services and expertise

Envisian expertise has been recognised, recently, by the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT). This places us in an excellent position to help universities and research organisations plan the next steps in the evolution of their information technology – be it Cloud or on-premises solutions – and to provide the engineering and architecture knowledge to resolve technology challenges. Read more…

Shadow IT

At our recent Above the Cloud luncheon, discussion amongst the group of C-level participants turned to the issue of Shadow IT. You may have seen or heard Shadow IT labelled as “risky”, “stealthy” or even “sinister”. We counsel that it can be viewed as an opportunity, with the right perspective. Read more…

You are not alone

Giving CIOs the opportunity to come together to share and discuss industry challenges, in an intimate and safe environment, was a key benefit of our Above the Cloud event. It’s nice to know you are not alone when it comes to facing an issue, either with specific technology implementations, integration, legacy systems, or in terms of the broader challenge of continuing to add value to your organisation with technology strategy and solutions. Read more…

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